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Name and Address?

Kurisu(Krys) S.
#46 6th St., New Manila
Quezon City, Philippines

2.) Number of Mailing Parters You Want:

Male or Female:
girls & gay guys <3

Package or Letter:
both (pref. a long letter with a little something inside like art or stickers, etc.)

5.) BI-Monthly/Monthly/Every Other Month (Pick One):

6.) Interests/Hobbies:
all japanese, heh. Kogyaru, ganguro, EGL, and FRUiTS fashion, Dir en Grey, visual kei, jrock, jpop, para-para, ddr, art, drawing, cg illustration, yaoi, shonen-ai, etc.

7.) Things You Want/Collect/Like/Etc:
letters, art, FB's, decos, lyrix, etc.

8.) Favorites (To Give Us An Idea About Who You Are)
I'm obsessed with east-asian (mainly japanese) pop-culture.

many, many japanese artists. my favorites are: Dir en Grey, Hamasaki Ayumi, BoA, Gackt, The Pillows, Crystal Kay, SweetS, etc.

animax. comedy shows. national geographic channel.

Farewell my concubine, White Oliander, Secondhand Lions, Harry Potter, Shrek, and lots of others..

Murasaki Shikibu, Sei Shonagon, Anne Rice, J.K. Rowling, and any other book that may be intresting to me. I like to read.

Basic Info:
I'm a girl, I'm from Maryland, USA, I am currently living in HELL (a.k.a the Philippines), I love Japanese things, I love to draw, write long letters, work on my website (http://KURISU.net), and chat on aim.

Pet Peeves:
close-minded assholes, born again christians who think the answer to every problem is jesus, etc.

I'm nice, please be my pen-pal. I'll send you art in (or on) my mail every time, and I write long letters! Thanks.
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