sarah (pbj4brkfst) wrote in letterbomb,


Name and Address?

186 bluebird trail
pocahontas, AR

2.) Number of Mailing Parters You Want: doesn't really matter. i'll respond to who writes.

Male or Female: i've been wanting some boys to correspond with, but i'll write back to females too.

Package or Letter:

5.) BI-Monthly/Monthly/Every Other Month (Pick One):

6.) Interests/Hobbies: the pixies, the kills, dinosaurs, robots, the yeah yeah yeahs, reading, foreign candy, dorky dancing, doodling, kitsch, thrifting, fleamarketing, anchors, pirates, ben kweller, k records, felt creations, singing into a hairbrush, the smell of a bookstore, dennis driscoll, bud light, and eating.

7.) Things You Want/Collect/Like/Etc: letters, art, burned cds, mix tapes, zines, dorky drawings, pretty much anything.

8.) Favorites (To Give Us An Idea About Who You Are)

Music: some bands to give you an idea: yeah yeah yeahs, the pixies, le tigre, the kills, bratmobile, red hot chili peppers, and the smiths.

TV:nick at nite. i don't like tv too much.

Movies: indie flicks, school of rock, secretary, matchstick men, stealing beauty, ghost world, dummy, lost in translation, and the virgin suicides.

Literature: the perks of being a wallflower, brave new girl by louisa luna, my sister from the black lagoon. magazines/bust magazine and nylon.

Basic Info: 23. secretary (naughty). kitschaholic. rabid.

Pet Peeves:
close minded people, noises people make while eating, music elitists.
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