lizzie (ltotheizzie) wrote in letterbomb,


1.Name and Address?
elizabeth neff
6510 w. revere pl.
west allis, wi 53219

2.) Number of Mailing Parters You Want: as many that want me.
Male or Female: both.
Package or Letter: both work.

5.) BI-Monthly/Monthly/Every Other Month (Pick One): any time would be good.

6.) Interests/Hobbies: music, art, flyers, politics, psychology, mix tapes and cds, sewing, random little things, baby barettes, dollar stores...

7.) Things You Want/Collect/Like/Etc: anything, i'm not picky. you could send me pieces of string for all i care.

8.) Favorites (To Give Us An Idea About Who You Are)

Music: alexisonfire, the bled, jack off jill, scarling, ours, the juliana thoery, tapping the vein... things in the punk, metal, rock persuasion.

TV: i watch a lot of vh1.

Movies: crime and punishment in suburbia, run lola run, american beauty, fight club, saturday night fever...

Literature: psych related books like prozac nation, i never promised you a rose garden. stuff like that.

Basic Info: 17. spend a lot of time in cars. i go to a lot of shows.

Pet Peeves: scenesters. cocky people.
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